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Located in a modern apartment in Laval – Roleplay optimized for DUO but can be done as SOLO as well.

What happens

Kim, your girlfriend’s mother, is visiting Canada and arrives at your home for the first time. You welcome her warmly, despite the language barriers. Your girlfriend (anastasia) serves as an interpreter during initial introductions.

While your girlfriend is out and about, you start playing with yourself thinking that you are alone in the house. To your surprise, Kim walks in on you as she she enters the bedroom to pick up laundry. instead of dirty clothes, she finds you with a big problem in your hands. 

She doesn’t speak the language but you understand that she wants to help with the matters “at hand”.  

As she starts assisting  in your endeavors, your girlfriend who’s  back from shopping  walks in on you both. As she and her mom start arguing in Chinese, you’re thinking to yourself that your life is over. However in an interesting turn of events your girlfriend turns to you and explains that her mother just gave her shit for failing her “duties” and  leaving you unattended  at a time where you clearly needed a hand. 

She apologizes for her carelessness and tries to make up for it , under her mother’s supervision of course. With years of experience, the mother jumps back in to help her daughter by showing her a few tricks & tips.  You understand absolutely nothing of what they say but you  don’t really care. Your girlfriend seems to be a natural and learns very quickly!

Knowledge passed down through Generations

it turns out that your mother in law is the guardian of very ancient knowledge . Today she passed the torch to her daughter, who proved to be ready to take on this immense responsibility. 

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